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Quality Care Program

The Quality Care Program is a program that PATCH implements in collaboration with Center on the Family, University of Hawaii. This is a voluntary program that supplies participants with monthly educational material and activities to use in the family child care home. It is offered to Licensed providers. If you are interested in this program or would like further information please contact your local PATCH office today.

Caring for the Caregiver

This month’s hallmark, Care for the Caregiver, focuses on seeking balance in work and in life. The newsletter gives great examples on how to put this hallmark to use. Below are some other ideas that might help:

You care for yourself when you take special time for you:
"I went and got a 1 hour massage. I've decided it will be a monthly thing to take care of myself."
"I went to the big Island for a long weekend to get away from the home setting and to enjoy time with my sister and parents. Very relaxing weekend."

You care for yourself when you stay physically active and eat well:
"I go to exercise class 3 times a week."
"I try to eat healthy foods. I follow the school breaks so I don't get burned out."
"I go for walks 4 times a week after the children go home. Usually I walk with a friend. It's nice to have an adult conversation sometimes."

You care for yourself when you pay special attention to your health:
"I schedule a yearly physical for myself."
"I went to the doctor when I wasn't feeling well and got treatment for a sinus infection I couldn't overcome."

Parents: Want to know how to Choose Quality Child Care?
Here’s a great video about it at


Quality Rating & Improvement System

For information on the QRIS, please contact:
QRIS Administration
UH Center on the Family
2515 Campus Rd., Miller 103
Honolulu, HI 96822
Ph: 808 956-4133
Fax: 808 956-4147
QRIS Documents: The following QRIS documents are posted on the DHS Child Care Connection website at
 • QRIS Design Plan
 • QRIS Policies and Procedures Manual
 • QRIS Policies and Procedures Manual: Appendices

Contact your local PATCH office to apply for the Quality Care Program

Hilo               935-0200
Kona             322-3500
Kauai            632-0212
Maui              249-0101
Lanai       800-498-4145
Molokai   800-498-4145

Oahu             791-2129

PATCH will send the application form and arrange for an orientation visit.

This program is established under the Benefit, Employment and Support Services Division of the Department of Human Services within the Quality Incentive Payments subchapter of the Hawai'i Administrative Rules for child care payments.

12 Hallmarks of Quality Care:

  1. Build trusting relationships with children
  2. Provide consistent care
  3. Support children's health
  4. Provide a safe environment
  5. Be responsive to children's individuality
  6. Provide positive guidance
  7. Foster curiosity and development through play
  8. Provide a language-rich environment
  9. Modify opportunities for learning as children grow
  10. Partner with parents
  11. Increase caregiving knowledge and skills
  12. Care for the caregiver