“Our annual report theme, “Connecting the Dots”, is rooted in the belief we serve our community best by collaborating with partners who share our mission and values. By connecting families to child care and financial resources to pay for it, we give Hawaii’s children the opportunity to succeed… (and) elevate the quality of care available.” ~ Cheryl Nishita, Board President

Thank you to all who supported PATCH throughout 2017, helping us provide unique programs serving Hawaii’s families, child care professionals, and the children they care for.

In 2017, PATCH

  • ensured over 8,200 parents got help to find and choose child care.
  • provided free child care training to nearly 5,500 early care and education professionals.
  • distributed over $10 million in preschool subsidies to help kids from low- to mid- income families attend Hawaii preschools.

We couldn’t do it without you. Your support and contributions help us continue to meet the demands of our community and it’s child care needs. Together, we have the capacity to make a brighter future for Hawaii, one keiki at a time.

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