National Safety Month

It’s finally summer! Break out the floaties and the popsicles. June is National Safety Month, here are just a few reminders to keep you and your keiki safe in the summer months.


Keiki’s delicate skin is more susceptible to burn and over exposure. Be sure to apply early, and reapply often with at least SPF 15 that promises a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Loose-fitting clothing with UV protection can also keep the family cool and comfortable as the temperatures rise. And don’t forget to wear a hat!

Dehydration is a big risk in the summer months for our keiki. Make sure they are drinking plenty of water. Snacks like watermelon, grapes, and cucumbers will also keep them happy, hydrated, and cool.


Speaking of water, keep keiki safe while splashing by making sure to always have eyes on them while playing in or near water.  It’s never too early to teach our babies to swim, there are many organizations offering swimming lessons in the islands for kids as young as 6 months. Check out the links below for options close to you.

On Oahu:



Big Island:

Lanai & Molokai:

Enjoy the summer, be safe, and check back soon for more tips!