Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in any of the vacant positions please submit your resume to hr@patch-hi.org

Oahu Family Child Care Recruiter - Full Time

  • Responsible for recruiting and providing technical assistance to individuals interested in becoming family child care providers.
  • Maintains a tracking system that follows a potential family child care provider from the initial phone call to becoming a child care provider.
  • Conducts home visits to provide technical assistance to potential family child care providers to assist them in offering quality child care in their homes.
  • Conducts outreach activities to identify potential family child care providers and to promote the business of family child care.
  • Connects potential family child care providers with other community resources that can assist them in their process of becoming a family child care provider.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the state’s child care licensing requirements is highly preferred.


  • Associates degree in early childhood education or related field.
  • Experience working with young children.
  • Previous experience as a child care provider highly preferred.

Oahu Registry Specialist II – Full Time (New Position)

  • Assist in reviewing Registry applications and determines the position the individual is eligible to hold in a licensed child care center.
  • Performs follow-up calls to providers if Registry application packet is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • Attends Registry Approval Panel meetings.
  • Enters data on the Registry and professional development. Compiles statistical data and prepares program reports.
  • Provides career counseling, technical assistance, and professional development information for practitioners.
  • Scans and organizes practitioner files into file storage system. Oversees Registry Specialist I in the scanning procedures.
  • Provides client outreach, program marketing, and neighbor island career counseling as needed.
  • Represents the Registry program at various community committees, task forces, councils and events as deemed necessary.
  • Counsels practitioners on available funding and training opportunities, professional development programs, and community resources as a way to enhance work performance and support career development goals.
  • Reviews and tracks mandatory practitioner training requirements as required by DHS, i.e.: initial, ongoing, and Safe Sleep trainings
  • Previous experience interacting in a multi-cultural community.
  • Previous experience in staff supervision.
  • Requires knowledge of customer service and oral and written communication skills.
  • Requires proficiency in computer & typing skills.
  • Knowledge of State’s child care licensing requirements is preferred.
  • Knowledge of community child care issues and resources is preferred.
  • Associate degree in Early Childhood Education or related field AND six months experience working in an Early Childhood setting.

Oahu Registry Admin – Part Time 20 hours a week (New Position)

  • Date and log all incoming mail and applications and then distributes all applications and mail to the correct Registry Specialist including electronic submittals.
  • Send requested applications to clients.
  • Screens applications and requests for accuracy and initial eligibility.
  • Answer telephone and general inquiries of the Child Care Registry & Scholarship Program.
  • Assist pulling information for Director’s letter.
  • All clerical and administrative support as necessary to effectively run the program.
  • Prepare outgoing mail.
  • Scanning and indexing of all Registry application including Health & Safety into global search.
  • High School diploma, GED, or equivalent certification.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Experience with word processing and spreadsheet software, such as MS Word, and MS Excel.
  • Knowledge in the use of other general office equipment.

KAUAI PROGRAM SPECIALIST - Part Time 20 hours a week

Career Counseling:

  • Receives Registry applications and necessary supporting documentation. Under the direction of the Registry Specialist II, assesses applications for completeness and functions as a liaison between Registry Specialists and practitioners to assist and counsel practitioners in obtaining or updating their Childcare Registry.
  • Provides career counseling, technical assistance, and professional development information for practitioners.
  • Counsels practitioners on available training opportunities and professional development programs as a way to enhance work performance and support career development goals as well as community resources as a way to enhance work performance and support career development goals.
  • Performs outreach duties and career counseling sessions promoting and informing the public and practitioners of the Childcare Registry.
  • Completes monthly Registry log and submit to Registry Specialist II by the 3-business day of the following month.


  • Receives requests from participants and enrolls them in PATCH classes
  • Inputs and maintains participant information, class event information, and participant and trainer evaluations into the training database and constant contact.
  • Prepares current materials for training classes from SharePoint and ensures all the necessary materials for each class are available for trainers’ use.
  • Ensures that upcoming classes have the necessary fliers, handouts, and supplies.


  • Provides child care referral information to callers based on their specific needs. Requires “active listening” and counseling regarding child care options to callers searching for child care. Requires caller information data entry and searching for appropriate providers based on specific needs and collating information in the Referral Packet.
  • Conducts follow-up calls to determine level of satisfaction with child care referral process.
  • Obtains and enters information from newly licensed child care providers into the database. Performs follow-up calls to child care providers to update their information. Includes matching the child care list provided by the State Department of Human Services, USDA Food Program, and accreditation organizations into the database.


  • Associates degree in early childhood education or related field.
  • Previous experience working in a Group Childcare Center or related area.
  • Experience interacting in diverse communities.

Maui Island Coordinator – Maui Full Time 40 hours

Essential Duties:

· Recruits, trains and supervises employees.

· Ensures compliance with contractual obligations and prepares the necessary reports.

· Monitors respective budgets.

· Conducts staff meetings.

· Responsible for the physical maintenance and operation of his/her respective site.

· Accountable for quality control and implementation of Agency policies & procedures.

· Coordinates and conducts conferences, trainings, focus groups, and workshops that enhance the goals according to PATCH’s strategic plan.

· Develops and implements public awareness campaigns under the direction of the Executive Director.

· Represents PATCH on various boards, tasks forces, and committees as deemed necessary.

· Assesses child care needs and resources in the respective communities and determines ways in which PATCH might be able to address those needs.

· Work closely with Maui County Early Childhood Coordinator.

· Monitors respective budgets and ensures compliance to all contractual commitments of the program he or she is overseeing.

· Establishes and maintains relationships with other organizations as it relates to PATCH’s strategic goals. Includes representing PATCH on various boards, task forces, councils and committees as deemed necessary.

Other Duties:

· Conducts outreach activities to market all PATCH services.

· Connects child care providers and families to community support systems and provides technical assistance.

· Attends statewide staff meetings as required.

· Performs other duties as assigned.

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