Employment Opportunities

Maui Island Coordinator – Maui Full Time 40 hours

Essential Duties:

· Recruits, trains and supervises employees.

· Ensures compliance with contractual obligations and prepares the necessary reports.

· Monitors respective budgets.

· Conducts staff meetings.

· Responsible for the physical maintenance and operation of his/her respective site.

· Accountable for quality control and implementation of Agency policies & procedures.

· Coordinates and conducts conferences, trainings, focus groups, and workshops that enhance the goals according to PATCH’s strategic plan.

· Develops and implements public awareness campaigns under the direction of the Executive Director.

· Represents PATCH on various boards, tasks forces, and committees as deemed necessary.

· Assesses child care needs and resources in the respective communities and determines ways in which PATCH might be able to address those needs.

· Work closely with Maui County Early Childhood Coordinator.

· Monitors respective budgets and ensures compliance to all contractual commitments of the program he or she is overseeing.

· Establishes and maintains relationships with other organizations as it relates to PATCH’s strategic goals. Includes representing PATCH on various boards, task forces, councils and committees as deemed necessary.

Other Duties:

· Conducts outreach activities to market all PATCH services.

· Connects child care providers and families to community support systems and provides technical assistance.

· Attends statewide staff meetings as required.

· Performs other duties as assigned.

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