ECE Jobs

Excel Church Preschool Teacher Oahu

· Degree in Child Development (CD) or Early Childhood Education (ECE), and 6 months working experience in an ECE program or

· Post-secondary credential in either Child Development Associate (CDA) program or Organized two-year (60 credits) college program and certificate in ECE, plus 1 year supervised teaching experience in an ECE program or

· Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from an accredited college or university Plus 6 credit semester or equivalent approved CD or ECE training course or

· Bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited college or university, plus 12 credits in CD or ECE which may be included as part of the degree and 6 months working in an early childhood program.

· Responsibilities: Planning, preparing and presenting appropriate instruction to the children.

· Please email or call (808) 625-7571 for more information.