Get Ready
for Kindergarten

Entering kindergarten is an exciting and critical time for your child. This
will be the start of their “formal” education, laying the foundation for
future learning and thus it should be the best experience possible.

KINDERGARTEN AGE HAS CHANGED! Your child must be 5 on or before July 31 to enter kindergarten.

Although each school’s requirements vary, some of the forms you will
need to register your child for junior kindergarten and/or kindergarten

The Executive Office on Early Learning is accepting applications for pre-kindergarten

To see “Tips for Parents on Kindergarten Transition” which gives parents activity ideas to do with their child to prepare for school, click here.

In addition, there is a storybook for children titled “Getting Ready for
Kindergarten” by Mary Ann & Eric Nemoto. Locally inspired, this story tells the
tale of a young girl as she and her grandmother prepare for kindergarten-
including visits to her new school and with new teachers.