CPB Foundation Donates $50,000 To Support Homeless Outreach

Honolulu, Hawaii. Central Pacific Bank Foundation presented PATCH (People Attentive to Children) with a check for $50,000 to support a new Homeless Outreach initiative. PATCH Homeless Outreach Program will connect children age zero to five with services to meet their needs. Over 90% of brain development happens from age zero to five years of age, so the early years are really important for learning and growth.

There are many initiatives in Hawaii to help the growing homeless population in the state. Most of them, however, focus on helping families move into transitional and eventually permanent housing. While this is the ultimate aim to address the overall homeless issue, what is happening to the children of these families in the interim? Many of them have health, educational, and other social welfare needs that need to be addressed now. This is where the Homeless Outreach Program comes in. The program is the missing piece to coordinate the varied services available to them through government agencies, PATCH, and other nonprofits in the state. PATCH Homeless Outreach will help connect homeless and at-risk children with services to support their health, nutrition, care, and education. We are grateful to Central Pacific Bank Foundation for this donation. It will allow PATCH to provide vital outreach services to improve the lives of people, especially children, in our community. Mahalo!

Pictured Above (left to right): Donna Takeda, VP of the Central Pacific Bank Foundation, VP and Director of Customer Experience at Central Pacific Bank, Aaron Kibota, Executive Director of PATCH, and Denis Isono, President of the Central Pacific Bank Foundation, EVP and Chief Financial Officer of Central Pacific Bank.